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SharePoint Online HRIS Portal

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    Consulting, Professional Service
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    Human Resource Management
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    Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft SharePoint Online
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    General - Applicable to All

The Human Resources Information Services Portal or HRIS Portal provides a secure collaborative workspace for the HR team to manage, share and collaborate on critical and sensitive HR information.

Leveraging the SharePoint Online platform the solution is accessed securely from any Internet connected location providing users with the flexibility to access the solution on demand wherever they maybe.

The HRIS Portal provides:
- A customisable database containing all the required personnel information and organisation information an HR team needs to capture including the likes of salary structure, business unit information, personal information, cost centre etc
- Custom, real time, reports from the Database
- Shared policy and procedure library
- Performance Management Centre for managing and tracking staff performance and disputes
- Training Centre for managing and tracking staff training and qualifications
- Shared group calendar
- Group task lists
- Discussion boards
- Workflow allowing new entries into the employee database and document libraries to be approved by a manager and subsequently routed using email.

Business benefits include
- Global collaboration. The solution provides a common workspace for the HR Team to share information and collaborate in real time no matter where they are located.
- Security. SharePoint Online provides HR Teams with granular control as to who has access to the HRIS Portal and what they can access within the portal. The information stored in the HRIS portal is extremely sensitive, often even amongst members of the HR team. With SharePoint granular access control can be enabled to manage access to information
to ensure only those who are authorised have access.
- Consistency. The HRIS Portal provides HR teams with a single source of information for the employee data and documentation which can be updated in real time. Version control is enforced and version history is built-in to the solution.
- Productivity. The HRIS Portal can dramatically increase the productivity of staff. Information is available on demand and is updated in real time. With secure access from any Internet enabled device the users can access critical information from anywhere at anytime.

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