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Readify Architecture Review Service

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  • Service Type:

    Consulting, Professional Service
  • Business Need:

    Business Application Development
  • Works With:

    Microsoft .NET Framework, Microsoft ASP.NET
  • Industry Focus:

    General - Applicable to All

The Architecture of your software and how it is deployed has a large impact on overall effectiveness and value of your business systems. Whether you are in the initial stages of developing a new system; or your legacy application needs a refresh, Readify's expert consultants can help. We can review your software and development architecture in the light of current best practices.

This service will highlight issues you may not have considered, giving you early warning, with both time and best practice recommendations to correct your course. Also the Architecture Review Service provides peace of mind that the best solution is being developed, especially when there is a complex set of contractual and technical interdependencies.

How it Works
Readify conducts the Review Service in four simple steps:

Phase 1 - Prepare
To ensure we can deliver the service as efficiently as possible, clients will need to prepare for the engagement in 3 key areas:

- Access to Code and Systems
- Access to Documentation
- Access to Key Stakeholders

Phase 2 - Conduct the Review
This typically consists of a number of demos, Q&A sessions and self-guided code spelunking to see how and why things are put together the way they are. We then determine if the architecture meets the needs of the stakeholders and satisfies usual architectural concerns such as security, performance, and other principles.

We perform the following activities:

- Application Walkthroughs
- Solution Architecture Review
- Specific Drill Downs
- Development Process
- Detailed Code Review

Phase 3 - Consolidate
Once we have completed the review phase of the audit, the team works to consolidate findings and prepare recommendations. We usually do this off-site, but can work in an office on the client site as appropriate.

Phase 4 - Present
The service concludes with a presentation of findings, as well as any recommendations. Depending on the nature of the audit, we may recommend steps to achieve compliance to stated objectives, ways to implement best practices, or development activities to improve performance.

As well as the presentation, Readify prepares a report with all of the findings and recommendations as the final deliverable of the service.

A review typically takes between 3 and 10 days, and the duration is largely dependent on the size of the application(s) being reviewed and level of depth you require.

For more information, please visit out website or contact us 1300 666 274.

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