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Remote and managed backup solutions

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    Consulting, Professional Service, Hosting Service, Licensing Sales and Service
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    Backup and Recovery, Hosting Services, IT Outsourcing
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    Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008
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    General - Applicable to All

Traditional backup methods require a hands on approach, complicating the backup process. People may have to insert CDs, change tapes or manually initiate a backup. In contrast, remote backup requires only a simple, one-time configuration. Remote backup then runs automatically according to the schedule, without any need for intervention..

When backed up remotely, data is automatically encrypted as it leaves your local network. Only you have the key, only you can restore your data.

Traditional backups are often stored in a single location (for example, in an office). If backup media are not taken off-site, a natural disaster may destroy the backup along with the original data. Remote backup ensures that data is stored in multiple locations, and is the reassurance from local disasters such fires or floods.

How Important Is Your Company Data? Company data is more than documents and spreadsheets. It includes emails, your Intranet, databases, web sites and more. Now more so than ever businesses rely on I.T. for the business to run – if I.T. stops working the business can too. Understanding what is important to backup, how to restore, in what timeframe it can be done and how to enact this is crucial. Suffering a disaster removes the ability of core business to take place. Restoring core business is the outcome of an effective backup and restore plan. Able to identify and put the steps in place to effectively backup and restore your company data Paradyne can develop a backup strategy, put steps in place to minimise down time and ongoing manage and maintain the process ongoing.

Cost Effective Solutions Are Key! Employing a three phased approach Paradyne perform the due diligence required from Assessment, to Maintenance then Ongoing Management. Assessing the current backup and restore policies identifies if these meets business expectations and requirements. Each business requirement is unique – each backup and restore strategy is also unique. Maintenance of the backup and restore systems and policies is performed aligning business expectations and requirements to the backup policy and systems. Then, building on the trusted partnership ongoing management ensures successful backups and restores.

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