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Jasco Consulting Pty. Ltd.

UC – Enterprise Voice: Increasing Operational Efficiency

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If you’re like many businesses, your phone system is merely an unintelligent box of electronics bolted to the wall somewhere – out of sight and out of mind. Whilst voicemail, music-on-hold, advanced operator consoles and central speed-dial directories are becoming commonplace in newer systems, the proprietary and often cumbersome way that users must interact with these features is still most often by punching meaningless numeric sequences into a keypad on their desk… that is; by pressing buttons on their phone.

Successful businesses have spent a great deal of expense and effort in bringing themselves into the computer age. Some legacy communications methods, like fax, have slowly been rolled into corporate electronic data strategies whilst the humble telephone, still the most relied-upon communications device, sat idly by.

Today’s worker literally has the world at their fingertips. The PC and its supporting network provides not only the tools to perform a host of daily duties, but creates a true window to the world. In addition to the benefits delivered by enhanced usability and integration with other business systems, bringing voice into the realm of the data network actually simplifies your corporate infrastructure and can drastically reduce costs.

Because the telephone handset is so ubiquitously recognised, nobody is suggesting it should be completely replaced. Indeed, there will always be a need for a simplistic, standalone communications device. A Microsoft Enterprise Voice solution provides for user endpoints ranging from traditional-looking handsets (packed with advanced features), to mobile devices or any modern PC.

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