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Windows Phone 7 Rapid Application Service

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The Readify WP7 Rapid Prototype Service enables organisations to develop a working prototype application for the Windows Phone 7 platform. Together with your team a Readify consultant determines the most effective application your business needs to reach your customers on their smartphone. Then we develop the actual code to demonstrate this to the business. All this within a week!

How the Service Works
The Rapid Prototype Service comprises two discrete phases. In Phase One we determine the best application for the business, and plan the development. In Phase Two we develop the prototype.

Phase One (Est. 1 day)
In Phase One a Readify WP7 Consultant runs an "Art of the Possible" Workshop that works with key stakeholders to:

- List potential applications to develop for the WP7 platform
- Prioritise the most effective application for the business
- Plan which features to develop for the prototype
In the afternoon the consultant builds the development environment, and prepares any services they need for successful demonstration of the application. This includes reviewing any organisation specific API's, and establishing requirements for web services integration.

Phase Two (Est. 4 days)
In Phase Two the Readify Team develops the Proof of Concept working closely with the client Product Manager in two, two day sprints. For most clients a Readify consultant generally completes this phase in four days. However, in some cases a client may wish to have a more feature complete prototype. These details are agreed, and estimated during Phase One.

At the end of Phase Two Readify:

- Demonstrates a running Proof of Concept
- Provides an Application Development Roadmap with recommended next steps
- And delivers actual PoC code to the client
The Readify WP7 Rapid Prototype Experience

To date, Readify have delivered this service to a number of clients in the Financial Services, Travel, Commercial, Logistics and Retail sectors. In all cases clients have been delighted at:

- Being able to determine the most effective application to develop for their business
- Identifying multiple applications, in a comprehensive roadmap, for their mobile strategy
- Realising the immediate business benefits of an actual WP7 application
- Discovering the rapidity with which they can develop an integrated mobile strategy on WP7 (in most cases)

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