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Windows Phone 7 Solution Development Service

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Our Windows Phone 7 (WP7) Solution Development Service is a mobile software development engine; delivered by our expert .NET Consultants. You can plug this engine into your business, and achieve sustainable results in rapid time.

The WP7 Solution Development Service combines:

- A self-managed, high performance development team using the Scrum Agile development methodology
- Thought leaders in mobile technologies, including both XNA and Silverlight
- A cloud-based virtualised development environment
- The best tooling from the Microsoft ALM platform
In short, everything you need to develop your mobile solution.

Mobile Application Development Strategy
Web or Native App
Repurpose your website to render well on the popular smartphones? Or develop native applications which leverage phone hardware such as the GPS, accelerometer, and camera. This is an important question to consider when developing your mobile strategy.

Whilst developing a mobile website promises "platform independence" it's important to understand the testing overhead this creates as all devices render sites differently, and cellular networks can introduce anomalies in applications. Often native applications offer stricter protocols which reduces testing effort across brands and device models.

Effective Development Process
Because of the rapid nature of mobile development, disciplined process is often neglected. Developers can see process as burdensome. However, mobile applications scale easily, especially in the consumer space. Ensuring you have a rock solid development process throughout the development will pay dividends when maintaining the code later.

Flexible Options
The Readify Solution Development Service allows clients to fix project scope, with a variable duration; or fix duration with a variable project scope (i.e. features delivered). This ensures Readify can achieve your goals whatever your business imperative, whether this be application feature set, or time to market.

Full Service
When you engage the Solution Development Service, as well as the team on-site, you benefit from the full resources of Readify at your disposal, including: Access to specialist consultants, our hosted development infrastructure, best practice ALM processes and tooling, and deep relationships with specialist partners.
There is quite simply, no more effective way to develop a high quality Windows Phone 7 application in Australia today.

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