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Messageware Incorporated

ActiveSend for Outlook Web App/Access (OWA) & Office 365

by Messageware Incorporated

Messageware ActiveSend completely integrates Outlook Web App/Access and Microsoft Office 365 with computer desktop applications to provide users with increased Outlook-like convenience and productivity.

ActiveSend connects your office applications to OWA, making it possible to send email directly from within desktop applications and websites by enabling the “Send To,” “Share - Email,” and “Mail To” commands with your OWA account set as the default email client.

Send attachments directly from within Microsoft Office applications using your OWA account.

Quickly attach multiple files from your computer to a new OWA message.

Click email links on web pages to bring up a new OWA message addressed and ready to go.

Without ActiveSend: If a user is working within a Microsoft Word document and wants to send the open document by email using OWA, they would need to go through a lengthy process of first saving the document, starting up OWA (if it is not currently running), logging on, composing a message, and finally attaching the file before pressing send.

With ActiveSend: A user simply clicks on the “Send To” or “Share - Email” options from within the desktop application, and all of these steps are condensed into one, easy process.

ActiveSend features include:
- Use OWA or Office 365 to send email from within Microsoft Office and other desktop applications
- Enable the MailTo functionality on web pages with OWA set as the default email client
- Save username and password securely to quickly email files
- Easily toggle between OWA and other email accounts
- Quickly email multiple files in a single click using OWA as the default email client

Acquire Messageware ActiveSend on its own or in conjunction with Messageware OWA Desktop in the Messageware OWA Client Suite.

Messageware ActiveSend integrates easily with On-Premise, Office 365, and Hosted Exchange environments, and is available for Exchange 2013 / 2010 / 2007 / 2003.

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