A-Dato Scheduling Technology

Lynx delivers real control and real visibility, enables reduction in unnecessary and wasted ‘safety time’, and enables fast and efficient task throughput leading to reduced project timescales.

With Lynx you are assured that the combination of all planned projects can be properly resourced. Project Execution Monitoring plays a central role and Lynx ensures that an optimum schedule is presented and operated, uncertainties are managed and problem trends signaled.

Lynx implements a clear-cut prioritising mechanism that guarantees the best performance across all projects in your organization. This balances 3 key inputs for all tasks - time, resource availability and resource requirements - to deliver continuously up-to-date, optimum, prioritised schedules.

Lynx will:

- Make Project, Program and Portfolio Planning predictable.
- Make Project, Program and Portfolio execution and completion predictable
- Provide clear visibility of progress and attainment of completion dates
- Reduce unusable ‘safety’ time
- Automatically produce updated project plans
- Enable task progress details entry at source - by the task owner
- Prevent resource shortfalls
- Prevent overloading individual and total resources
- Stimulate efficient collaboration between people – across the globe
- Shorten project completion times and costs
- Keep your projects flowing

Lynx is available as an application and as a web service. The web service offers integration point to 3rd party solutions. We offer integration with Navision and Microsoft Enterprise Project Management (EPM).

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