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BatchMaster Software, Inc.

BatchMaster Manufacturing for Microsoft Dynamics GP

by BatchMaster Software, Inc.

BatchMaster Software, Inc. is a global developer of ERP solutions for the recipe/formula based process manufacturing industry: food, beverage, chemicals, coatings, nutraceutical, cosmetics, personal care, life science.

BatchMaster Manufacturing for Microsoft Dynamics GP is completely ‘In-Built’ to Dynamics GP: Single login, single database, single interface, bringing all the required process manufacturing functionality inside Dynamics GP.

BatchMaster Manufacturing offers a unique opportunity to:
- Simplify your business and give you control: Everyone shares one platform, and the exact same data.
- Improve productivity: Uses the Role-based ‘Personalized Navigation Lists’ and integration to Microsoft Office.
- Realize rapid ROI: One familiar interface minimizes training time & cost; BatchMaster’s proven SUCCESS implementation methodology; easily keep your system up-to-date.
- Extend insight over your business. Uses Dynamics GP’s ‘smart-list’ reports, personalized ‘Home Pages’, instant drill-down.

Leveraging Dynamics GP’s Inventory, Sales Order Processing, Purchase Orders, BatchMaster Manufacturing provides process manufacturing capability in four broad areas:
- R&D: formulation; laboratory analysis to physical properties; packaging bills-of-materials; what-if product cost analysis; extensive quality control.
- Production management & scheduling: production scheduling board; Allergen, Kosher & Color scheduling to minimize wash-downs; managing critical material shortages; SuperBatchTM to handle multi-level products.
- Planning, building supply-chain processes with Master Production Scheduling & Material Requirements Planning.
- Compliance: MSDS, SARA & REACH (chemical); cGMP (FDA-regulated).

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