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Blue solutions

BLUEs Grain Accounting

by Blue solutions

This solution is designed for grain purchasing and processing companies and manages all functions from signing the grain purchase contracts to delivering the finished product to a buyer.

The solution is developed on the MS Dynamics AX 2009 platform and could be adopted to the lower versions upon the request.

BLUEs Grain Accounting solution encompasses following groups of functions:

Grain purchase contracts:
- Contract catalogue
- Contract management
- Contract performance control
- Contract performance report

Catalogues in use: Contract Groups.

Grain purchase:
- Purchase implementation methods
- Registration of purchases in grain elevator
- Scale integrations
- Acceptance documents
- Automatic calculation of surcharges
- Fast input of surcharges
- Import / export of the purchase receipts
- Contract performance approval
- Grain purchase registration
- Purchasing documents
- Representing surcharges in documents

Catalogues in use:
- catalogue of qualitative indicators
- laboratory catalogue
- scale catalogue
- grain cards
- cleaning/drying service cards: according to elevators, culture groups, and companies that are provided with the grain purchasing service
- basic qualitative indicator sets by every grain card
- suppliers’ catalogue

Other grain operations:
- Laboratory tests
- Transfers between warehouses
- Grain sales

Elevator services:
- Service pricing
- Cleaning / Drying Certificate
- Lot completion

- Weighting Journal
- Laboratory Test Journal (10 indicators)
- Form 36
- Grain Operations with Qualitative Indicators. Report is similar to Form 36, only there is a possibility to select the appropriate indicators and their values for filtration
- Grain Purchase Report
- Report of Cleaning / Drying Services
- Grain Acceptance Report including the amounts of provided services
- Calculation of Storage Services
- Grain Export Report

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