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BORA Business Suite

by BORA Solutions Ltd.

BORA Business Suite (BORA BS) is an integrated information system for managing the business, the economic activities and accounting. It ensures the main information needs in a distributed company structure.

It integrates and manages all company's activities:
- Financial Management
- Customer Relationship Management
- Supply Chain Management
- Material Management
- Office Organization Management
- Manufacturing Management
- Accounting Management
- Project Management
- Quality Management System
- Fixed Assets
- Human Resources Management
- Customer Service Management
- BI

The ERP system could be used at each company.
It is based on Microsoft's products and technologies - MS Windows Server, MS SQL Server. The system could be integrated with MS Office.

The main customers benefits:
- integration and automation of all business processes and activities in one ERP system
- One data base with the full company's data/information
- On time reports and analysis

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