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Business Process Modeling in Supply Chain Execution for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

by To-Increase

As a supply chain manager, logistics manager, and/or warehouse supervisor, you understand the supply chain processes that make your business run—they simply make more sense than solution features and functionality. At the same time, your company needs solutions that help improve and streamline your warehouse and distribution model, align processes such as purchasing, manufacturing, and service, and join forces with supply chain networks.

To-Increase Supply Chain Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 are built to meet those needs. And now you can optimize value with Supply Chain Design for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. Based on the To-Increase RapidValue business process modeling application, Supply Chain Design enables IT managers and supply chain, logistics, and warehouse managers to model daily and specialized processes and practices directly within Microsoft Dynamics AX, create optimal process flows, and then select and implement the functionality that meets specific business needs.

Build warehouse management and distribution models directly in Microsoft Dynamics AX, using familiar elements such as roles and personas for supply chain management and logistics. Your model will reflect how your supply chain execution processes work now and how they can be improved.

Record how key processes are mastered start to finish, including receiving, put-away, internal transport, picking, packing, shipping, and more.

Save up to 30% time and costs for implementation. Standardized implementation activities help you make the right decisions faster, speed time to benefit, and save time and money up front.

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