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CAP.Transport & Logistics for Microsoft Dynamics AX - The industry solution for transport, forwarding and contract logistics

by CAPcargo Ltd

CAP.Transport & Logistics is an industry solution, which was developed based on Microsoft Dynamics AX.

The software solution was developed for those players, who desire to be a step ahead in the transport and logistics business. The comprehensive integration of dispatching, administration and vehicle management makes insular modules connected to each other via interfaces something of the past. Typical processes present in today’s business process flows such as centralized order and quote management of core and ancillary services, customer EDI connection, automated pricing based on complex contracts, dispatching (observing network conditions), dynamic warehouse process flows, comprehensive invoicing of services (transport, value added services, storage rent, ownership change) for customers, sub-contracting and intercompany are all supported.

The functional scope of the order management includes warehousing, inventories, interfaces with warehouse automation systems, order confirmation, track & trace, container, pallet and empties management as well as claim management.

This innovative solution constitutes a comprehensive alternative to specific industry solutions with all the well-known limitations. Apart from the generally recognized ERP-functionality of Microsoft Dynamics AX our solution indeed covers all specific requirements of the transport industry.

What do we mean by comprehensive solution?

- Modular architecture across the entire system
- Do double entries, less sources for errors
- Online communication provides objective, current data
- Unlimited expansion possibilities (e.g. warehouse or costing functions
What do we mean by customer advantage?

- Cost reduction and transparency
- Higher vehicle load factors resulting from optimized tour planning
- Efficiency gains in dispatching
- Gleaning management information (MIS)
These advantages of an integrated solution all contribute to improve economies and quality of daily services, to achieve a higher resource utilisation and to be able to make better business decisions more quickly both on the operational and strategic level. Services are optimized, while the time and costs involved to achieve this are tangibly reduced.

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