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Engi TOOLS - Intelligent Document Generation Solution

by ICB

EngiTools generates complex set of product documentation for solutions, built out of numerous components. The system obtains information for each bill-of-material from the ERP system and connects it to the relevant information stored in the PLM system to bind them in a single document. EngiTools works in the following scenario:

Stage 1: Training the system

The first stage of work is to connect EngiTools to the PLM system. At this point the information and documentation from the PLM system is transferred to the Knowledge Base of EngiTools by META data criteria. Next, the responsible engineers define the interrelation rules for the various products and load those rules in the Knowledge Base. As a result, EngiTools has a ready knowledge of interconnection, drawing and documentation generation rules and is ready to start compiling documentation for prosperous product orders.

Stage 2: Using EngiTools

The Sales Module of EngiTools is used when a customer requests a preliminary offer. The module builds a description of the specific product, calculates the price and the remaining offer details. When a new customer order is registered in the ERP system, EngiTools imports the needed information. The system, then, creates hardware drawings of the product using its Knowledge Base (Rule Engine Generator).

Finally, EngiTools uses its documentation tool to generate various product manuals and inputs all the product documentation in the Microsoft SharePoint-based document management solution.

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