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SAFE Family - Integrated Cash Processing Solutions

by ICB

Nowadays many participants have their roles in the Cash cycle (banks, cash centers, CIT companies, National banks, points of sale). All these participants need to exchange info effectively and optimize their operations.
In order to facilitate and optimize their operations ICB developed a unified platform for managing cash handling operations among all participants in the cash cycle.
Safe Family consists of separate software solutions targeting the needs of the different participants in the cash handling cycle – retailers, cash centers, banks, CIT companies and every solution covers the main cash-related activities at the respective company. Every solution can work as a stand-alone or integrated as part of the family. Safe Family enables automation of cash handling activities, full traceability and history records of cash shipments in order to achieve highest security and cost cutting.
Key advantage of Safe Family solution is integration between different companies performing cash processing, transportation and collection in order to achieve full traceability of cash shipments and operations, unified and secure communication in and out of the organization and manage cash operations at totally new level.

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