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SOTI MobiControl: Mobile Device Management for Enterprises & Smartphones

by SOTI Inc.

SOTI MobiControl, compatible with Windows Server 2008 R2, is an Advanced Device Management, Support, Security and Tracking Solution. Expertly compatible with consumer and rugged devices, MobiControl’s rapid and reliable performance operates over any network for any size of deployment. SOTI MobiControl is a worldwide solution deployed in over 150 countries with over 400 local support partners in multiple languages (English, French, Korean, Spanish, German, Japanese, etc). MobiControl is also available in the 'Cloud', without the ned for any pre-installation of software! Today over 80,000 customers across all market verticals rely on SOTI to achieve their ROI targets by increasing productivity, minimizing downtime, reducing labor costs and securing mobile assets and data with MobiControl.

Customers have experienced benefits like:

- End-user support costs cut by up to 70%
- Costs associated with software and data updates cut by up to 80%
- Reduction in the number of technical personnel needed to support mobile workforce by up to 60%
- Devices no longer need to be shipped for repair or software upgrade, IT staff no longer need to travel to remote users
- Device end-user productivity increases: Device features and applications can be restricted based on intended use, eliminating unproductive behavior like Internet browsing, accessing games, etc.

Core Features:

- Device Provisioning
- Advanced Security
- Help-Desk Tools
- Data Synchronization
- Location Services
- Alerts
- OTA Diagnostic Tools
- Asset Management
- Reporting

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