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For almost 30 years, Boldon James has been a global leader in secure information exchange software, helping organisations manage and share information securely and in compliance with legislation and standards, in some of the most demanding messaging environments in the world.

Our customers range from global Financial and Professional Services businesses, Manufacturing, Utilities through to Government, Defence & Intelligence organisations. Boldon James is a wholly-owned subsidiary of QinetiQ, a multi-billion dollar research & technology company, with offices in the UK, US, Asia Pacific and Europe and channel partners worldwide.
Our Classifier product range extends the capabilities of Microsoft products (Outlook, Exchange, OWA, Office and SharePoint) to allow users to apply relevant visual & metadata labels (protective markings) to messages and documents in order to provide the following benefits:

• Empowers users to take ownership and control of data
• Educates users on, and supports adherence to corporate governance and data security policies
• Helps organisations comply with industry compliance and regulations
• Increases user and organisational awareness of the value and sensitivity of data
• Streamlines business processes – increasing operational efficiency and effectiveness
• Reduces cost of storage, archiving and management of data
• Prevents internal and external data leakage – reducing reputational and business risk
• Complements and enhances existing data loss prevention (DLP) and security measures
• Drives Microsoft Windows Rights Management (RMS) policies, plus email encryption
• Low cost, scalable and easy to deploy solutions to meet any organisational need

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