Paraflow Communications Ltd.

Paraflow Communications Ltd.

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Phone: +359 (2) 960-4200
Fax: +359 (2) 9604218

Paraflow is IT solution providers specialised in complex network based systems and provides following services:

- Development, installation and service of computer networks;
- Design, pilot implementations and system integration
- Supply of a line of high quality hardware and software products in the area of personal computers, servers, notebooks, peripherals, networks etc.
- Full line of IT support services including maintenance by request and pre-subscribed maintenance services of hardware and software systems, telephone support, repair and replacements
- Information support and training for computer professionals.

The company has the best experience in complex LANs, WANs, security, multi-server sites, messaging systems, etc.

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Competencies & Certifications

Microsoft Partner
Gold Server Platform
Silver Collaboration and Content
Silver Data Platform
Silver Devices and Deployment
Silver Management and Virtualization
Silver Midmarket Solution Provider