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KEMP Technologies, Inc.

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KEMP Technologies, Inc.

Load Balancing Remote Desktop Services (Windows Terminal Services - WTS)

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KEMP Technologies Load Master Load Balancers fully support Microsoft’s key solutions and are “Approved” by Microsoft. KEMP’s LoadMasters optimize traffic for Microsoft Exchange, Lync, SharePoint and Windows Terminal Services (WTS) improving application response times and user capacity.
KEMP has installation documentation, configuration templates and migration guides for specifically for Microsoft Exchange 2010, Lync Server, SharePoint and Windows Terminal services enabling users to quickly configure and deploy their Load Balancers in a Microsoft environment.
KEMP Technologies now offers full support for Microsoft Windows Terminal Services (WTS). With the addition of WTS, KEMP delivers a solution that helps organizations best maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of their networks, at an SMB-affordable price point. With WTS enabled, users are able to maintain persistence as well as perform resource monitoring for Window servers running multiple services. The LoadMaster resource monitoring feature offers useful data on both memory and CPU, ensuring users experience the most efficient load balancing possible on each serve
KEMP is also now able to integrate seamlessly with MS Session Directory – providing a more reliable re-connect when a remote desktop connection to the server is disconnected. While the LoadMaster provides full support for Microsoft's Session Directory, one of the most distinguishing features is its ability to provide RDP-based Layer 7 Persistence. The LoadMaster’s L7 Persistence incorporates client session reconnect, which can be utilized without the need for the Session Directory service to be installed.

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