Pinpoint Success Story

A "True Cloud Success Story" for LiveOffice

Businesses use email no matter their industry focus, and many of them need dependable access to their archives. LiveOffice provides email archiving in the cloud to more customers globally than any other company, serving companies across all verticals.

So when a Washington DC-area mortgage and insurance company needed their failing email up and running, they found LiveOffice on Microsoft Office 365 Marketplace.

“This engagement is the poster child for cloud computing,” says Dave Huth, Microsoft Global Alliance Manager at LiveOffice. “Tremendous cost savings, fast deployment, and someone who really needed help from a trusted expert.”

Huth got a great sense of satisfaction when the customer said, “LiveOffice really saved our company and me.”


Exposure through Office 365 Marketplace Leads to Sales

The Office 365 Marketplace helps business customers easily find partner applications and services that extend the value of Office 365. One of LiveOffice’s flagship applications, LiveOffice Discovery Archive, was featured on the home page.

An IT staff member at the mortgage and insurance company called LiveOffice immediately after seeing them on the Office 365 Marketplace. “There was desperation in his voice,” Huth recalls. “With two IT guys supporting more than 500 employees, they had a lot of other issues on their plate in addition to this crisis. And with email being out, the company couldn’t run. Revenue and jobs were on the line. He needed to find a solution.”

The mortgage and insurance company needed email up and running as fast as possible. But they didn’t have the capital to purchase the hardware and software, nor did they have the manpower to even scope the project, let alone implement an on-premise solution. It was too big of a task for their limited IT staff.

In addition to working email, the customer needed efficient and robust email archiving, and they could tell by LiveOffice’s Pinpoint profile that this was a great solution to meet their needs. The fact that LiveOffice is a top global partner for Microsoft Online Services with over 250 deployments and counting, reassured the customer that they could get the job done quickly and without incident.

“They were on an older version of on-premise Exchange, but they’d reached max capacity,” says Huth. “They were open to the cloud, and their email wasn’t working. They needed something to work immediately. So we moved them to a hosted environment as quickly as possible, and the cloud solution fixed their issue.”

LiveOffice was able to provision them with Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS)—the Office 365 precursor along with LiveOffice archiving. “They were up and running in days with a skeleton crew and with no up-front capital. No down time, and they were still meeting all their compliance requirements.”

Huth asserts, “This was a true, cloud success story—lower TCO, scalable, limited IT resources, and no capital expenses!”


LiveOffice to the Rescue: Email Archiving, Discovery and Compliance

According to Gartner, a global technology research and advisory company, LiveOffice is the industry leader in the cloud email archiving space. Their archiving solutions are completely cloud-based. LiveOffice also offers archiving of digital communications for businesses who especially need discovery, compliance, and storage management. Customers only pay for the licensing they use so their cost is scalable.

“We specialize in compliance and discovery, and our software is accessible via Outlook, OWA, and mobile devices. Plus in addition to email, we provide archiving for SharePoint, IM communications, Microsoft Lync, and social media (Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook),” says Huth.

“While we serve all industries, we do see a predominance of clients in heavily regulated verticals such as finance and healthcare. Any company that is frequently involved in litigation can benefit from our offerings like discovery and compliance.”

LiveOffice supports close to 20,000 organizations their archiving needs, and their customers range in size from 10 users all the way up to 120,000 users.


Being Specific Generates Leads

Most businesses that find LiveOffice through Office 365 Marketplace make contact because of LiveOffice’s documented Microsoft Online Services success, coupled with their industry-leading archiving products. “They actually find us under archiving, which is what we specialize in—email archiving. A lot of partners that do basic Online Services, but not so many also do archiving.”

“Pinpoint gives us exposure that we wouldn’t otherwise get,” says Huth. “But it’s our specialization in email archiving, discovery, and compliance that that reels them in.”

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Partner Snapshot

Microsoft Gold-certified LiveOffice is a global provider of cloud-based email archiving, discovery, compliance and continuity solutions.


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