Pinpoint Success Story

Team Venti Gains Visibility, Gets Leads through Pinpoint

Charlie Ramirez, Managing Partner at Team Venti, got his company listed on Pinpoint a year ago and was pleasantly surprised when inquiries started coming in. But when the marketplace yielded a lead from Oracle about supporting one of their high-profile global clients he was thrilled. “Oracle found us through our listing on Microsoft Pinpoint,” he says.

Based in Austin, Texas, Team Venti has core expertise in application platform solutions and training, and is a certified Microsoft training center. In addition, the company provides services that cover the entire application platform space, including software development, mobile applications, cloud services and systems integration. In particular, they deploy and support such product lines as Microsoft .NET Framework, Visual Studio, SharePoint, and BizTalk Server.

But its Team Venti’s team approach to business that sets them apart—and what caught the eye of Oracle as a strong match for their client.

“We don’t just provide expert services, we build an expert team for our customers,” says Ramirez. “We provide a seamless experience even if the work falls outside of our core, in-house competencies. If needed, we call upon trusted partners to provide additional services to ensure a totally reliable project infrastructure and experience.”


Pinpoint Leads to Business Conversations

Team Venti is currently getting about three leads a month from Pinpoint. As a young company still building their client base, these leads are providing the visibility they need to grow.

“Our participation in Pinpoint has started a number of conversations,” Ramirez says. “Even when the leads don’t necessarily lead directly to sales, which they sometimes do, they can lay the groundwork for conversations on future projects.”

“In addition to customer connections, Pinpoint is also a great resource for finding top companies to partner with,” he adds. "Pinpoint has opened a lot of doors for us.”


Oracle Opportunity

When Oracle bought Sun Microsystems and discontinued support for the Windows Server operating system running on Sun server hardware, it left one of their high-profile global clients in need of a new vendor to support their servers. These servers were a critical component of a hundred million dollar contract the company has with a Public Sector client.

The Oracle representative searched Microsoft Pinpoint as a courtesy for their global client and found Team Venti as a potential support vendor. “The key factors in their attraction to our listing were our proximity to the customer, our targeted focus on Microsoft technologies and having a good profile that clearly demonstrated all of this and included the listing of our packaged services,” says Ramirez.


Team Venti Closes the Deal

While a strong Pinpoint listing helped Team Venti get noticed and into the conversation, it was ultimately their team-building mentality that made them the clear choice.

The customer needed year-round, 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week level 2 support for Windows Server OS on 24 Sun Microsystems server machines. Team Venti offered that, and more. “We’re an agile company. There’s no chain of command and we have team members empowered to do what it takes to serve with excellence. We move very fast for our clients. We jump; we make things happen for them. All customers are treated as big fish in the pond.”

The global company is currently their highest profile client. “Our work with them has also opened the door to a lot of additional opportunities, and not only with this company.”


Go Team Venti!

Team Venti has customers in manufacturing, retail, professional services, and telecommunications. They have also been expanding into the state and local government space. “I get tremendous satisfaction in being able to assist and serve. I love being part of the solution,” says Ramirez. “This is especially true during recessionary times. Our clients are having difficulties and we all have to be creative getting things done. We’re always willing to try to innovate to help our customers be more efficient and competitive.”

“We offer client the industry’s widest array of Microsoft-based solutions and technologies without the need to manage multiple vendor relationships,” says Ramirez. “Our aim is to offer midsize companies the same level of services of a global system integrator, but with the attention and care of a small firm.”


Pinpoint Points the Way

“Most customers we talk to have visited the product pages on and clicked through on the Find a Partner link. They’re browsing the SharePoint product page or the SQL Server product page. They realize that they don’t want to install and manage installation and support themselves so they look for a partner,” says Ramirez.

“The Find a Partner link takes them to a filtered search on Pinpoint, listing partners with relevant expertise, including us.”

Through this path a telecommunications client also found Team Venti on Pinpoint, and hired Ramirez’s team to create a mashup of SQL Server and online mapping software that provides a geographical dashboard in the network operation center—essentially an interactive map that shows data on support tickets in a visual and informative way. Another Pinpoint lead from a large, electronics manufacturer has fostered an invitation for Team Venti to bid on several of the manufacturer’s projects. And another lead to a SharePoint deployment contract for a national distributor of restaurant supplies who wants to go paperless.

"Let’s just say we owe a lot to Pinpoint. We're very happy with Pinpoint here."

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Partner Snapshot

Austin, Texas-based Team Venti has core expertise in application platform solutions and training, and is a certified Microsoft training center.


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