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4 Facilities allows people to share the activities, data and documents associated with a facility – be it an equipping and tie in project, or a larger SAGD facility or gas plant. By centralizing access to information through a unified interface, energy professionals can quickly access the information they are looking for and spend more time making decisions and managing the service companies associated with the project.

4 Facilities allows organizations to share information throughout the asset lifecycle; both with internal staff and external organizations such as EPCM's.

Connect internal and external people with the activities, data, and documents needed for facilities operations.

Know the exact status of any project, including the budget vs. actual expenditures, the timeline, and whether any serious issues exist.

Information is accurate and quickly assembled for public reporting purposes.

Reporting time with respect to accrual gathering is vastly reduced and suppliers are kept in alignment with the company’s agenda.

Suppliers enter their own information into the solution.
Daily field reports, cost tickets and important documents are just a few of the critical information pieces entered on a daily basis.

Provide real time accruals, run progress, and budget comparison reports.

Externally host the content as well as reduce the number of licenses required to allow suppliers to access the information they need.

You no longer need to support applications and vendors through Citrix. Instead, leverage document and data management strategies using the cloud.

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