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Whether you are managing information during the exploration phase, the drilling phase, the production phase, or the reclamation phase of the well lifecycle, 4 Wells ensures that you can quickly locate the information you need. Team collaboration is supported both within and (if desired) outside the organization and the reporting tools provide powerful views of a single well, or a group of wells.

Connect people with the activities, data and documents associated with wells.

Oil and gas professionals can quickly access the information they are looking for and spend more time making decisions and acting upon stated plans.

View the results of your assets and teams at the macro level and drill down into any specific well when challenges arise.

The solution is built to leverage the Platform 4 Energy solution, enabling hundreds of thousands of well ‘sites’ to be consistently and efficiently created and managed.

Facilitate the flow of your information between operators, partners and energy service providers using NeoStream’s Energyplaza cloud service.

Reduce the number of licenses required to permit occasional users from accessing high level or summary information from third party well data systems.

No longer do you need to recreate lost information, or wait for other departments to provide you with information.

The mobile ability of 4 Wells lets field personnel interact with the same information as head office people.

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