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Arbutus Analytics

by Arbutus Software

Arbutus Analytics provides financial management, business analysts and investigators with the tools they need to perform enterprise-wide testing of organizational data. A proven solution, Arbutus Analytics helps organizations overcome common constraints preventing them from analyzing critical data stores - whether it's Microsoft Excel spreadsheets or legacy data stored on mainframes - enabling them to deploy comprehensive data analytics into their testing processes.

- Analyzer: a Windows application offering purpose-built data analytics for financial management, business analysts and investigators
- Arbutus Servers: available for Windows, Mainframe, AS/400 and Linux, providing fast, secure access to enterprise data
- LegacyLink™: enables managers and decision-makers to launch continuous testing on any enterprise data, then populate that data into management dashboards or applications such as Excel or Crystal Reports, all with the click of a button.

Customizable to suit your needs, the three components of Arbutus Analytics can be used in conjunction or as stand-alone solutions.

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