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Automated Process Execution System for Complex Applications (APEX) – a flexible, real-time solution by JMP Engineering for the mining, civil engineering and oil and gas industries.

by JMP Engineering Inc.

Forward thinking companies seeking insight into their processes look to JMP to identify, innovate and integrate real-time data solutions to provide actionable information.  With applied domain expertise gained from the integration of over 8500 projects, our solutions deliver direct and immediate impact on your production performance, quality, safety and profitability.


JMP’s latest solution, the Automated Process Execution system for compleX applications (APEX) is a solution focussed on the mining, upstream oil and gas, and civil engineering industries.


JMP has recognized that current methods for planning, capturing drilling and geological data and displaying that data in order to make cost-critical solutions require intense manual data capture and recording by geologists, drillers and civil engineers.  Through the utilization of uniquely robust handheld units in combination with ACAD planning and display systems, an optimized data collection and management system, and tie-ins to geological reporting systems used by organizations such as the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers,  JMP’s APEX fundamentally improves both the accuracy and the timeliness of geological and drill data.  


APEX enables planning and decision making based on real-time data - saving time and money and increasing accuracy and competitiveness.


One of the key modules in the APEX family of solutions is the Mobile Geological Classification System. This system provides geologists and drillers the ability to classify geological materials and gather drilling information on the spot, resulting in improved data accuracy and timely reporting.


The key features of this system include:


A planning tool in ACAD permitting planning to be done graphically.  What makes this system unique is that all data entered graphically is saved to a database, freeing up that data to be used beyond the ACAD user interface, including the mobile handheld used by drillers in the field.
Support for multiple classification systems currently employed by the United States Army Corps of Engineers allows customers to switch from one system to another as required, allowing them to participate in projects with varying classification requirements.
Dynamic configuration of project specific parameters provides flexibility in addressing changes during the lifetime of a project.
Occasionally connected applications allow geologists and drillers in the field gather drilling information and material classification using a tablet PC into a local SQLCE database and synchronize wirelessly with the central SQL Server database using Microsoft Sync Services for ADO.Net.
The flexibility of Windows Presentation Foundation allows the application to run on both tablet PC and desktop reducing turnaround time and cost for new features and enhancements.  WPF also permits the design of a drill log that mimics reporting requirements of the US Army Corp of Engineers – fundamental for drill log reporting.
Automatic tie-in to systems such as ‘gINT’, the industry standard in drill and geological log reporting.
Live update as drill logs are created in the ACAD planning tool – enabling real-time decisions based on accurate and information collected in the here and now.


Technology Components include:

Microsoft SQL Server 2008
Microsoft SQLCE
Microsoft Sync Services for ADO.Net.
Microsoft Windows Communications Foundation
Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation
Wireless Mobile Tablets by XPlore
ACAD 2008


Bring flexible automation to your operations and create tangible differentiation to your services, consider JMP’s APEX solutions for your business.  For more information or to arrange a complimentary needs assessment and demonstration, contact our Information Division at 905-851-8700.

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