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Genealogy programs need two things: Easy Input and Usable Output. Most programs do neither well. Behold changes all that.

What is more important: Input or Output?

The output, of course. The data you collect is useless if you can't use it.

So why is it that most genealogy programs are input based? You enter your data into rigid forms piece by piece, and have to run reports to see it.

Behold is the opposite. Behold is output-based. You view and work directly with the report. It makes absolutely everything (all your data) available. Only hide what you want to hide.

Useable Output

Behold's Everything Report presents all your data to you as you want to see it. You can easily reorganize the families any way you want. All indexes are included in the report. People, places and sources are all linked together with a simple click needed for navigation.

Behold has a standard Windows interface that works the way you expect it to. The treeview makes navigation obvious and easy.

Behold's Everything Report can be printed so you have a hard copy of all your research that you can take with you. It can be exported to rich-text format and loaded into your word processor. It can be exported to html and put on your website. In each case, the output looks just like it does in Behold.

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