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Bixou for Windows Phone

by Vadesoft Inc

Bixou for Windows Phone 7 is the perfect companion for the BIXI urban bikeshare service. See the closest stations, number of bikes, and docking spaces available. Use GPS to easily navigate your way to any destination, with real-time distances and estimated walking/cycling time to each station. With the full version, you can manage your favorite stations, see all the stations in the city, and get a full map of all the stations in the area. Scaled station icons give you an easy way to see the station size and availability status of your departure and destination.

Bixou is available for Montreal Canada, Melbourne Australia, London England, and United States cities of Minneapolis, Washington DC, Chicago, Denver, Des Moines, and San Antonio.

Bixou Features:

- Real-time info on all stations in the network, showing number of bikes & docks available.

- Uses GPS to list stations in order of closest to furthest, based on your current location.

- Distance & estimated walk/cycle-time to any station, based on your current location.

- Integrated map - See yourself and all surrounding stations on the map.

- Graphic interface - Intelligent scaled icons tell you the station size and its full/empty status in one glance.

- Favorites tab - One touch access to your most frequently used stations.

- Multi-city support - Designed to work with all BIXI™ & B-cycle™ partner cities in the world.

- Map view options - Visualize stations in either Classic or Scaled mode.

- Timestamp & stats - Lets you know when the live data was last updated.

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