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Business Intelligence Web Portal for Monitoring Real Estate Markets

by Infusion

Infusion developers created a web portal that allows for the analysis and tracking of trends and data within property appraisals conducted nationwide, as well as monitoring of additional real estate markets. The solution permits clients to better manage their data and business with the company, and value-added services as an incentive to drive more business, develop new revenue streams, and better service clients.

The portal also integrates a geospatial overlay that utilizes Bing Maps to display business intelligence data within the various regions of Canada using SQL Analysis Services. The data is displayed on Bing Maps Performance-Point scorecards and dashboards, delivering the following functionality:

- A rich analysis tool for internal analysts to identify trends within the industry.
- An internal dashboard to display a comprehensive summary of the company's property appraisal business including property values, revenue, costs, etc.
- A value-added service for clients via an automated self-serving reporting system.
- A rich user interface for clients to view data in different ways including: scorecards, charts, graphs, and maps.
- The delivery of highly aggregated data to clients, allowing them to quickly perform their own ad-hoc analysis of market trends and compare them quickly and efficiently to their business.

The portal's measurement capabilities include: average property value, median property value, lot size, house size, appraisal turnaround times, etc. It also provides a series of dashboards that include scorecards, interactive charts, and a Bing Maps interactive map to provide performance analysis.

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