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Silect Software

CP Studio for System Center Configuration Manager

by Silect Software

Simplify the Development and Deployment of Configuration Baselines and Configuration Packs - Reduce Deployment Time, Ensure Compliance and Detect Configuration Drift

Settings Management (for ConfigMgr 2012) or Desired Configuration Management (DCM - for ConfigMgr 2007) is a powerful solution to assess and track regulatory compliance and configuration drift of your IT systems. CP Studio also allows you to capture existing configurations and policies quickly and easily, leveraging existing knowledge to build Configuration Baselines and eliminate the need to need to learn new languages and schemas.

CP Studio delivers the built-in expertise you need to reduce your Settings Managment or DCM deployment time and author the Configuration Baselines that ensure compliance and reduce corporate risk.

To help you master your Configuration Baselines and Configuration Packs, CP Studio:

- Reduces the time and effort required to implement Configuration Baselines by reviewing, testing and optimizing Configuration Baselines and analyzing their impact for improved results
- Ensures compliance by enabling authoring of Configuration Baselines that capture and adhere to corporate policies. The Golden Master wizard captures actual in-use configurations and brings existing policies and best practices into ConfigMgr
- Minimizes the risk of unwarranted alerts related to policy breaches or configuration changes by pre-deployment testing of Configuration Baselines against QA or production environments
- Safeguards against unnecessary mistakes through comprehensive version control with backup and audit histories of all Configuration Baseline changes
- Allows organizations to utilize existing resources and skill sets when building Configuration Baselines. Eliminates the need to learn new languages such as WQL, XPath queries and XML schemas for Baseline authoring by offering an intuitive browse, point and click approach

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