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Colligo Networks Inc.

Colligo Contributor Pro

by Colligo Networks Inc.

The award-winning Colligo Contributor Pro is client software that drives SharePoint adoption by enabling users to easily access, capture, and tag SharePoint content from popular desktop applications, including Outlook and Windows Explorer.

As a client application, Colligo Contributor works with SharePoint Online and Office 365. All the functionality that Colligo Contributor provides to users (drag and drop email and attachments from Outlook to SharePoint, automatic metadata capture, offline SharePoint caching, etc.) are supported in SharePoint Online, Office 365.

Colligo Contributor Pro delivers the ultimate SharePoint experience through three interfaces:

- an Add-In for Outlook for 2-way access, email drag-and-drop, automatic metadata capture, and attachment management
- a Windows Explorer extension for seamlessly linking folders on users' file systems with SharePoint document libraries
- a standalone client for offline access and rich metadata management

Outlook Add-In for Email Management

The Add-In delivers instant access to SharePoint – all from within Outlook. With a simple drag-and-drop or the Send & File button, users can save emails to SharePoint while automatically capturing message properties as metadata. Email attachments can be replaced with SharePoint links.

Client Interface for Offline Applications

The client interface provides offline access to SharePoint content including the ability to add or edit metadata while offline.

Windows Explorer Extension for File Management

The Windows Explorer extension seamlessly links folders on users’ file systems with SharePoint document libraries. Local folders become “SharePoint aware” so users can access advanced features such as metadata, content types, and document templates.

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