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Common Case Management Framework: Licensing

by NetDexterity

NetDexterity is a Business Process Management consultancy, and a leader in delivering applications on Microsoft technology.

The Common Case Management Framework (CCMF) is a framework that delivers configurable value on the SharePoint platform, enabling organizations to deliver flexible case management solutions that are supportable and flexible to meet the changing needs of an organization. The Licensing CCMF was developed to support the needs of a Public Sector organization to license, investigate, monitor, regulate, and enforce the licensing of security guards and agencies.

The Case Management Framework provides all functionality traditionally associated with Case Management in the SharePoint environment.   The licensing version provides the following additional requirements.

Processing applications for new Agencies wishing to provide private investigation/ security services.
Issuing license renewals on an annual basis for existing Agencies.
Issuing new licenses, identification cards and renewals to Security Guards and/or Private Investigators.
Public complaints tracking.
Activity tracking (e.g. phone calls, walk-ins, emails, letters).
Training completion details tracking.
Test results tracking.
Integrated document management.
Remote access for searches.
Online access for changes and payments.

The client in general will benefit from using the shared infrastructure and common framework components in a number of ways, including:

Improving business agility: The solution ensures that it can adapt to changing business needs using the following strategies:

o  Abstraction of Business Processes: Business processes will be built as separate components.  By doing so, the solution will allow workflows and processes to evolve more easily as requirements change.

o  Abstraction of Business Rules: Business rules in the system will be designed to be configurable in order to facilitate future modifications more readily.

o  Abstraction of Systems: Portions of the complete “system” will be abstracted to allow for the possibility of replacement of component portions in the future.  This will also facilitate integration with other systems by allowing external entities to be defined as “system” components.

Minimized Costs: The system will be developed based on a common component architecture which will be shared across a suite of applications.  Cost reductions will be realized through reduced training co

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