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Credenza Practice Management: An innovative add-in for Microsoft Outlook.

by Gavel & Gown Software Inc.

Credenza Software is dedicated to providing the best possible practice management solution for professionals who use Microsoft Outlook. Ideal for Lawyers, Accountants, Consultants, Engineers and any other professionals who need to be able to organize their information around client files.

Credenza expands Outlook by adding dimensions that professionals need to manage their practices more effectively.

• Open a file in Outlook for each client, matter, project or case you work on
• Organize in that file all related Outlook emails, contacts, appointments, tasks and notes
• See all your documents on the file
• Keep time entries for your billable time
• Make notes of phone calls
• Track web-based research or information
• Keep track of whatever other information you want on each file using custom fields
• See a complete chronology
• Everywhere in Outlook you can see the file that items relate to
• Practice management utilities and reports
• Automated inbox controls
• Share information with an assistant, colleague or an entire firm

Credenza helps professionals be better organized, allowing them to be much more on top of a professional practice with it, compared to working with just Outlook.

And the key thing is, it works as part of Outlook, so professionals retain all the benefits and depth of Outlook, and don’t have to change anything they are now doing.

For those who bill for their time, Credenza makes it easy to do time entries as they work. For example:
Bill for emails or phone calls with a click. Know at a glance which emails have been billed. Get a time entry when you mark a task done. Track time entries and expenses. Integrated billing capabilities let you send out invoices, track payments, manage retainer & trust account balances and more. Optionally send time entries electronically to your existing accounting program.

All within familiar Outlook.

Credenza teams can be any combination of people who work together: a professional and assistant, two partners, a workgroup or an entire firm of hundreds of people. Team members do not have to be in the same office – they can be anywhere in the world, as long as they can connect to the Internet.

Credenza is available as a quick easy download, and can be tried for free. Credenza basic is FREE and supports single users. Credenza Pro is licensed by monthly subscription and includes the integrated billing capabilities, the ability to work with other users and unlimited technical support.

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