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IndustryBuilt Software

EquipSoft: Software For Equipment Providers

by IndustryBuilt Software

EquipSoft delivers software and services to equipment providers to support growth and improve efficiencies with rentals, service, sales, parts, fleet management, and more. The ERP solution from EquipSoft gives companies a competitive edge by matching up the best technologies with ideal business processes and equipment industry best practices.

EquipSoft software is rich with functionality built specifically for that industry, and powered by Microsoft technologies including Dynamics NAV and CRM, Azure (cloud), and BI PowerSuite. Deployment options include on-premise, cloud, and mobile applications.

EquipSoft software is available in two product versions, based on size of company:

1. EquipSoft Rapid Edition for growing equipment providers, with a prescriptive fixed price approach to training & implementation.

2. EquipSoft Professional Edition addresses the requirements of larger equipment providers - whether single facility or managing multiple locations, with enhanced functionality such as BI, field service automation and more.

EquipSoft customers fall into many sectors of industrial and commercial equipment distribution, including material handling, oil and gas, power generation, air compression and pumps, aerial lifts, agricultural and construction equipment, and truck & trailer.

Equipment providers working with EquipSoft reduce the time frames and risks often associated with ERP implementations.

EquipSoft product strengths and differentiators from other software for equipment providers include:

- Rentals - fleet management, rental contract management, equipment availability tree, and more.

- Service - dispatch board, service contract management, field service, planned maintenance, WIP order & labor, technician availability, and more.

- Parts - inventory management, replenishment, importation of manufacturers' price tapes, and more.

- Equipment Management - equipment history, warranty management, and more.

- Sales - streamlined sales orders, integrated with service & POs; lease management; trade-ins; CRM and more.

- Financials & Reporting - backbone of the ERP system, tied into all the functionality mentioned here.

EquipSoft has customers across North America, including Equipment Depot; Yale/Chase Equipment and Services; Buckeye Power Sales; Bowman Trailer Leasing; The Lilly Company; W.D. Matthews Equipment Co.; H&K Equipment Family of Companies; Diversified Air Systems, and many others.

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