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INETCO Systems Ltd

INETCO Insight is the next generation of application performance management software (APM) software for holistically monitoring complex transaction environments.

Used as a precursor to “deep dive” diagnostic tools, the INETCO Insight platform is a highly scalable application performance management (APM) and transaction profiling software solution designed to give you a holistic, systems-wide view into the end-to-end performance of all applications running in your physical, virtual and cloud-based environments. These include:

- Electronic funds transfer (EFT) processing applications
- Automated teller machines (ATMs)
- Point-of-sale (POS) terminals
- Messaging middleware applications
- Web-based applications

INETCO Insight is different than your existing monitoring software in three major ways:

- INETCO Insight monitors the transaction flow through your environment, not just the individual application and infrastructure components. This information is independently captured directly from your network.

- INETCO Insight provides a real-time database of correlated transaction information. This single data-store correlates transaction requests with the corresponding authorization responses, along with the network to application level information.

- INETCO Insight monitors complex transaction flows without the need to deploy intrusive agents. You do not have to monitor the transaction host database to see application-level activity, or modify any of the underlying applications. The software’s agentless architecture makes it a simple-to-deploy solution for application performance optimization within physical, virtual and cloud-based environments.

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