Infusion's Pulse Platform

by Infusion
  • App Type

    On-Premises and/or Online Application
  • Business Need

    Content Management
  • Works With

    Microsoft PixelSense, Microsoft SharePoint Online, SQL Server 2012 Enterprise Edition, Windows Azure, Windows Intune
  • Industry Focus

    Financial Services, General - Applicable to All, Retail

Infusion’s Pulse platform combines social strategy and platform with managed services allowing devices to be used in content management, content distribution, data access and persistence, and insight reporting and analytics, with all infrastructure on-premise or through the cloud.

Infusion’s Pulse platform offers five key things to businesses looking to integrate technology:
• Hardware Purchasing Options
• Core OS Monitoring and Maintenance
• Hardware Break/Fix Support
• Hosting Services
• Application Support

The platform incorporates Seamless Computing that includes universal data and profile across many devices, single sign on and social sign on, and deeper engagement. It aims to simplify development by granting access to rapid, agile application development using accelerators, and simplify management that provides content updates, application updates, health checking, and managed services using Windows Azure. The Pulse platform aims to provide insight by delivering usage statistics, user profile analysis, and useful recommendations.

The platform also enables channel consistency and provides managed storage for application data. This is done by having flexible, highly available, connected or occasionally connected share personalization info across channels, and enables users to access their profile using different channels, and towing to running in the cloud, it immediately reflects changes from one channel to the next.

With a single sign on and social sign on, you can reduce barriers to entries on all channels, and are able to coordinate rollouts of content and features through Windows Azure, ensuring consistency of delivery and branding information across all channels.

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