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KBEWorks rule based design automation software

by Vision KBE inc

KBEWorks will automate design, drafting, report and quote preparation. With KBEWorks taking care of repetitive tasks, designers can concentrate on innovation and design new products. Clients expect products adapted to their needs and specifications. Providing this and trying to make a profit can be quite a challenge. With manufacturers needing to do more in less time with fewer resources, design automation of repetitive tasks has become essential. KBEWorks can automate configuration of complex SolidWorks models and integrate data exchange with other tools such as ERP, PDM, manufacturing and web based configuration. KBEWorks offers advanced functions to facilitate design automation such as: Automation of modifications made to SolidWorks 3D models according to your rules and best practices (gains of 50:1 are frequent). Real time interactive computation of new configurations and automation rules give the user a five to one advantage over tools such as Basic. Powerfull automatic scaling and positioning of drawing details and batch printing provide important productivity gains. KnowledgeGraph, a unique graphical user interface allows non-programmers/SolidWorks users to carry out the creation of the automation framework. ERP users can modify 3D models and drawings in interactive mode and KBEWorks rule based design process can be automated to verify if parts exist and avoid dulplicating part numbers. To find out more about how KBEWorks can automate repetitive tasks and make you more productive, contact us, we will be happy to help.

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