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KWIzCom WCSS - WSS Cross Site Search

by KWizCom

WCSS supports both WSS 2.0 and WSS 3.0. WCSS includes 2 modules that users interact with: WCSS Simple Search WCSS simple search textbox is very similar to the default WSS search box besides that it enables the user to select a required search scope: current
site, current site and all sub-sites, entire site collection and a specific required site. WCSS Advanced Search Page This page displays an advanced property-search interface + search results (very similiar to SPS/MOSS advanced search page). The search results
page has the look and feel of the standard WSS search results page with just a few differences: Document results are returned only as documents even if the search phrase was found in the meta data (Where in WSS they are displayed as lists in the search results
page) Each item has a locator under it that displays the location of the item (list name at parent site > site ) Each document result has a link that opens the document’s meta data view (list item) Key features WSS-based text search beyond a single site scope
Advanced property-based search Easy management of properties available for the advanced search User can define different scopes of search: Whole site collection, current site and bellow, current site only, a specific site User can define that the search results
page will be displayed on a new window Clicking an Office 2003/2007 document (Word, Excel, PPT) in the search results page opens it in Edit mode Available both as a web part and as a custom control, enabling easy deployment both in WSS sites and WSS site definitions
Multi-lingual user interface (standard for all KWizCom components) Key features - added in Professional edition: Text highlighting in search results page and inside Microsoft Office & PDF documents Administrator can define custom search scopes Cross site collection
search scope

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