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Keyora E-Business 6.0 for Dynamics AX

by Keyora Inc.

Keyora E-Business for Microsoft Dynamics AX provides a robust e-business platform with the flexibility and scalability to handle your large, complex on-line business vision. Our Keyora E-Business Platform includes business-to-consumer, business-to-business and mobile platforms. Created as an enterprise-level solution, Keyora E-Business provides a feature-rich, highly customizable environment that enables larger organizations to effectively sell products, services, educational courses, seminars and intellectual property from their existing web site.

Built on the latest .NET platform and utilizing 128-bit SSL encryption, Keyora E-Business provides:

- Two-way, real-time integrations between the web site and one or multiple back office solutions.
- Secure transactions
- The ability to update web content or site design from any web browser.
- Access to the business layer HTML for complete control over the site.
- Out-of-the-box feature-rich web shopping.
- Unlimited number of customers can browse content and enter sales.
- Built on the foundation of our robust Keyora DataSync engine for complete scalability.
- Integration of every aspect of your on-line business.
- Clear and measurable payback on your investment faster than you thought possible.

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