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OpenText Exceed Freedom

by OpenText Corporation

For many years, organizations have been using Exceed, the industry leading PC X server, to fulfill their needs for X window application access. Exceed Freedom leverage time and resources spent customizing Exceed to provide the exact user experience.

Exceed Freedom is an add-on solution designed to empower Exceed users with all the benefits of mobility while leveraging existing configuration and customization. With a simple click of a button, Exceed Freedom speeds up the performance of X applications by reducing X11 network traffic by up to 100 times, so they become efficient over any network connection. To further strengthen the mobility potential for Exceed users, Exceed Freedom decouples users from physical machines, allowing them to suspend an active Exceed session and resume it from anywhere. The seamless integration with Exceed translates to lower deployment, training, and ongoing support costs. Exceed Freedom helps organizations by reducing user downtime and improving user productivity.

Reducing network resource consumption, in effect, expands the existing network capacity to support more users and connections. From a cost-benefit perspective,

- Seamless Integration: Leverage existing Exceed configuration and connection settings
- User Mobility: Suspend a session anytime and resume it from anywhere
- Project Collaboration: Unite user communities and improve communication through real-time desktop sharing
- Performance: Up to 100x reduction in bandwidth consumption
- Crash Protection: Ensure continuous operation of applications in the event of failures
- Security and Compliance: Support industry standard security protocols, including SSH and SSL

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