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P-Synch: Enterprise Password Management

by Hitachi ID Systems, Inc.

M-Tech Information Technology Inc., is a leading provider of Identity Management Solutions and is proud to be a Microsoft Gold Partner.

P-Synch®- The Total Password Management Solution. P-Synch® is enterprise password management software. It reduces the frequency of help desk calls, improves user productivity and strengthens security with password synchronization, self-service password reset, help desk password reset and simplified administration of other authentication factors, such as harware tokens and biometric samples. P-Synch supports over 70 types of systems.

P-Synch® and Microsoft:
• P-Synch is tightly integrated with MIIS to provide password synchronization and self service password reset.
• In addition, M-Tech provides additional support for target systems (MA’s) in heterogeneous environments.
• P-Synch runs on Microsoft Win2003 Servers

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