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Publishing Software, Media Software

by knk USA Inc.

knkPublishing is the only Microsoft Certified business software for publishing houses (publishing software) in the world.

It covers all the business processes of a publishing house in one integrated solution and works with NAV2013.

The functionality focusses on book publishers, magazine publishers and online publishers.

There are specialized modules for music and film companies (right management) and advertising companies (ad sales, ad marketing) available, too.

The core functionalities cover:
• Editorial Office
• Media Production
• Content Management (articles, manuscripts, illustrations, photos etc.)
• Intellectual Right Management (rights and royalties)
• Budgeting and Calculation (pre-calculation of right purchases, pre-calculation of media products, post-calculation of rights, post-calculation of media products)
• Project Management
• Public Relation Management
• Production of Marketing Materials (flyers, previews, ads, action packs, sets, bundles...)
• Marketing Campaigns
• Opportunity Management
• Sales
• Logistics (or interfaces to distributors/warehouses)
• Accounting, Tax Management
• Asset Management
• Controlling
• Business Intelligence

knkPublishing is one of the market leading products both in North America and Europe. It is used by about 90 groups of media companies in the world, which means about 160 brands/companies and 8.000 users.

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