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SNMPv3 Master Agent Service for Windows

by NuDesign Technologies Inc.

NuDesign SNMPv3 Master Agent Service is a seamless upgrade of Microsoft SNMPv1/v2c Master Agent Service to secure SNMPv3. The product comes with a redistributable SNMPv3 Agent Configuration Applet. All extension DLL’s that run with Microsoft SNMP Master Agent Service run with NuDesign's SNMPv3 Master Agent Service as well. NuDesign' SNMP Agent Service operates over IPv6 and IPv4 networks.

Starting with rev 10 the SNMP Service and the Configuration Applet are available as two separate products: the 32 bit version working with 32 bit extension DLL's and installable under either 32 bit or 64 bit Windows and the 64 bit product working with 64 bit extension DLL's and installable only under 64 bit Windows. Both versions of Service, 32bit and 64bit can co-exist on 64bit host handling SNMP querries to their respective extension DLL's.

NuDesign's companion product, Visual xAgentBuilder 9 for C++, core product of SNMP Agent Studio 9 for Windows generates 32bit and / or 64bit extension DLL subagent code and builds project for VS2008/2010 automatically for any standard or custom MIB. The developer supplies only the final object instrumentation methods code. The optional HTTP access to MIB objects is automatically generated as well.

The full feature, free evals of SNMPv3 Service and Visual xAgentBuilder for C++ are available for download from NuDesign site at

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Great SNMPv3 agent for Window servers.

Reviewed by:Defense_Acquisition_UNI Reviewed on:10/04/2012

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