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SmartData Tiles Solution for SharePoint

by SmartData

SmartData Tiles SharePoint application provides a tile-type display that enables a user to view any items in any SharePoint list, and select an item from the list by touching or clicking anywhere on a tile.

SmartData Tiles application quickly and easily adds a tablet-friendly, touch-friendly interface to your SharePoint 2010 On-Premise site by providing “Tile” type Views in all new and existing SharePoint Lists, Image Libraries, and Document Libraries.

Simple to install and is deployed as a Farm Solution in a single 5-minute installation. It can be uninstalled just as easily. Activate on a Site-by-Site basis, since control is at the site admin level.

Our Tiles product uses the familiar out-of-the-box SharePoint interface to edit the view. You can set your “sort order” and “add or remove filters" as you like. Simply check or uncheck to quickly select as your default view. SmartData Tiles allow you to easily add your own Fast Filters so you can quickly find the last items you were working on, items due first, or whatever might make your workday easier. Tiles also include additional touch-friendly features such as enlarged font for an A-Z Directory along the top of the display that helps find specific items more quickly, as well as a larger “Next-Back” navigation.

SmartData Tiles uses the new metro-style colour palette as its default, but can easily be customized to match your own branding colours.

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Smart Data Tiles Solution improves adoption

Reviewed by:Stuart_Robinson Reviewed on:28/03/2013

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