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Dapasoft Inc.

Transport Remote Access Care (TRAC) Automated Clinical Documentation System

by Dapasoft Inc.
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    On-premises Application
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    Business Application Development
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    Microsoft Visual C, C++, or C#, Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Windows XP Professional
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The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) recognized the opportunity to improve clinical documentation for critically ill Neonatal patients (i.e., babies in the first 30 days of life) transferred to SickKids from remote referring hospitals. The previous documentation system was paper-based and involved duplication of documentation from paper charts to the SickKids e-charting system.

Dapasoft developed the Transport Remote Access Care (TRAC) system, an application that automatically transfers vital signs and clinical data from the field to the hospital charting system, and provides data and video images of the patient to remote physicians via a web portal. Medical experts are now able to view patient data and video images of the patient from the remote hospital site, to provide additional information and help medical staff provide direction and support to the remote transport teams.

The primary benefits of the solution include: 

• Improved access to:
- Patient visuals
- Diagnostics
- Clinical measurements

• Enhanced documentation through electronic data integration to devices:
- Vital signs
- Video images

• Automated data transfer to SickKids e-Charting system

• Elimination of duplicated documentation

• Protection of patient confidentiality

The TRAC system has greatly enhanced communication between the remote transport teams and medical experts providing direction and support. With TRAC automatically gathering patient data, the transport team spends less time with the task of paper-based charting, and more time focused directly on patient care. Physicians are able to access patient visuals, and monitor clinical data from remote hospital sites.

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