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Linxoft Solutions Inc.

Wireless Network Infrastructure Deployment Management

by Linxoft Solutions Inc.

Deploy and Manage Wireless Infrastructure Efficiently

With NetQ you will deploy your network assets and infrastructure more efficiently while reducing your overhead and rollout costs. A best-in-class solution, NetQ has been designed for deploying and managing the lifecycle of cell sites and wireless network infrastructure through automated processes and intelligent workflows that can rapidly and cost-effectively be integrated with your current processes.

NetQ is all about delivering the right information at the right time. This is the basis for making sound business decisions.

With NetQ You Will Be Able To:

- Streamline workflows and team collaboration to meet project deadlines and mitigate risks.
- Increase visibility into rollout progress, costs, and internal/external resources’ activities.
- Transition and handover to operations smoothly.
- Easily manage future upgrades and changes by obtaining greater insights into customer base.
- Maximize your help desk efficiency by delivering customer facing processes.
- Create accurate and reliable centralized site lifecycle management solutions.
- Eliminate fragmented systems.
- Quickly and efficiently integrate into your existing IT infrastructure.
- Work smarter while accelerating your network launch.

Who Uses NetQ:

Organizations of all sizes that deploy and manage communications assets in a variety of markets will welcome the advantage of using NetQ. Rollout strategies evolve, just the same as industries and customers. Staying on top of the best practices and latest technologies is one reason that organizations find NetQ an ideal solution. These markets include but are not limited to:

- Network Operators
- Turnkey Infrastructure Vendors
- Wireless Tower Operators
- Maritime and Merchant Vessels
- Oil & Gas / Utilities / Mining
- Public Safety & Government
- Systems Integrators

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