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AdminStudio allows IT to quickly prepare reliable virtual and MSI packages for error-free rollout with leading software deployment solutions. A complete application readiness toolset, AdminStudio also provides automated tools to help ensure application portfolios migrate smoothly to a new OS, including Windows 7.

Software deployments and OS migrations are among the riskiest functions of IT. Deploying a poorly prepared or tested software package can crash mission-critical applications, slow productivity, and send help desk costs soaring.

AdminStudio automates application preparation to help ensure MSI packages deploy successfully with today’s most popular deployment tools. AdminStudio combines powerful MSI repackaging, customization, testing, and application virtualization preparation technologies with Web-based process management tools to significantly cut IT costs and increase software's reliability.

Prepare Reliable MSIs for Error-Free Deployment
- Cut MSI packaging time by up to 70%
- Deploy software to desktops with 99% success or better
- AdminStudio works with all the leading software deployment tools, including Microsoft Configuration Manager

Migrate MSI to Windows 7 Quickly and Accurately
- Migrate your software application portfolio to Windows 7 without repackaging them all over again
- Run automated tests on MSI to identify Windows 7-related problems and have AdminStudio fix them

Adopt Application Virtualization without Starting from Scratch
- Save time by having AdminStudio convert MSI to virtual packages – no extra repackaging
- AdminStudio is the only MSI packaging solution to support multiple application virtualization formats, including Microsoft App-V
- Application virtualization scanner saves time by identifying which MSI software are good candidates for application virtualization

Centrally Manage Your Entire Application Portfolio
- Access all software binary files and metadata for virtual and MSI packages from a single database
- Always know exactly what is in the environment

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