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Advanced SmartList, a solution Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CfMD), is a seamless extension to SmartList, a Microsoft Dynamics GP query tool and suitable for all users. Named as one of the 12 best add on solutions of 2010 for Dynamics GP by Dynamics World UK, Advanced SmartList allows users to further analyze their SmartList data.

Adding power to your existing SmartList application this quality and cost‐effective tool will help you save time, effort and costs. With over 350 companies using Advanced SmartList you can feel confident in the quality of the product.

- Create advanced queries on demand for easier, faster access to the information stored in the Microsoft Dynamics GP system.

- Save time and eliminate the need to rely on a technical resource or learning how to use Crystal Reports for report development by using the already familiar SmartList interface to produce custom queries.

- Sum columns and insert totals in the query reducing the need to export results to Excel for simple calculations.

- Manipulate and massage data with the flexible grid control component to produce detailed custom lists and reports in a preferred format by sorting on multiple fields, filtering by field or column, grouping transactional data, adding sums and totals to groups and creating snapshots for side‐by‐side comparison and analysis.

- Export data to Excel and automatically inherit the same look and feel of the Microsoft Excel worksheet features such as column headers, auto‐filtering, grouping and sub‐total functionality.

- Export data to other formats including PDF, Text, HTML, CSV, Tab Delimited, MHT, Rich Text, Graphic and XML.

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