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by IsaiX

AMCoach, our Performance Management software, allows organizations to configure the application with their own skills, competencies or any other performance management system and will help management keep historical tracking of the activities and feedback provided to users. The coaching methodology and action planning functions will provide users with improved visibility and follow through in order to drive performance. AMCoach come with modules that support managers in the coaching process.

The pipeline module allows sales personnel to input all of the opportunities in the pipeline and track them through the sales cycle. The pipeline also connect to Dynamics CRM 4.0 which allows the companies to leverage all the information that is provided through the quick Pipeline entry interface. This provides access to an already populated database when clients are ready to move to the CRM platform.

This module supports the manager in developing action plans for the advancement of opportunities in each sales person's pipeline.

The recruitment module will allow sales organizations with high rotations to make sure their pipeline of candidates is filled and hire process are followed by the whole organization. The executive dashboard and reporting will ensure that management is on top of performance improvement initiatives and will help them pinpoint areas where adjustments are needed.

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