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Scorpion Software Corp.

AuthAnvil Password Server: access management

by Scorpion Software Corp.

Centrally store, manage, and synchronize your passwords.

When each staff member has access to different usernames and passwords, it’s a headache and a security risk to track them. Because there are dozens of passwords to remember, staff usually choose weaker passwords that can easily be shared, stolen, or guessed.

If an intruder stole just one of these passwords, or if one staff member abuses their privileges, they could gain access to your company’s sensitive company data and wreak havoc.

AuthAnvil Password Server solves these problems. Staff can organize their important passwords from one central location, and IT service providers can track access permissions. Users can securely share, store, synchronize, and audit all passwords from almost anywhere on almost any device, both on-premise and in the cloud.

If you suspect someone tampered with sensitive information, you can find out who has password permissions to that information, and when the password was accessed. You can review which passwords are most sensitive and at risk, and manage who can see them. Each staff member’s access is tracked so you can ensure that employees only have access to the information that pertains to them. Access can be revoked with the click of a button.

With this security, you gain maximum assurance that data is safe from unwanted outside interference, and even from interference within your own company. It takes out the guesswork of who accesses what and when.

Full integration with Kaseya is available by subscription.

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