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Scorpion Software Corp.

AuthAnvil Two Factor Auth: identity assurance

by Scorpion Software Corp.

When staff use static passwords, there’s no way to determine if the intended user is logged in, or if it’s someone pretending to be them. Just one leaked password could give an intruder access to sensitive company information.

With two-factor authentication, you gain maximum access security – staff can work safely from almost anywhere on virtually any device. All activity is traced in an irrefutable audit log so you know only the right people are getting in.

Instead of a static password, staff use two factors of authentication. Employees input their chosen PIN (what they know), and then a one-time password generated from smartphone app (what they have). This system increases security because it eliminates static passwords.

When a staff member leaves, it takes only minutes to disable their app to revoke access, instead of the hours it takes to research their permissions and manually change passwords.

We support popular smartphones, including Microsoft Windows Phone, Apple iPhone, Google Android, and RIM Blackberry, along with YubiKeys and hardware tokens.

You can use AuthAnvil Two Factor Auth for your existing login systems:

• Windows servers and workstations
• Linux and Unix servers and desktops
• Terminal Services and Remote Desktop Services
• Citrix Access Gateway, XenApp and XenDesktop
• Web applications running on IIS and Apache
• Virtual Private Networks and SSL-VPN
• Firewalls, routers and switches
• RMM solutions like Kaseya and LabTech
• PSA solutions like ConnectWise and Autotask
• And much more.

If your software or hardware device supports RADIUS, AuthAnvil can authenticate with it.

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